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This is the Nearzone, home base of writer J Onwuka. You'll find my thoughts on science fantasy, pro wrestling, and storytelling here, so have a look around! It'll feel a little weird at first, that's perfectly okay.

The Young Hounds

Young Hounds Cover (Sample)

Read on if you’re interested in the lives that make great adventure! In The Young Hounds we follow two children of the count, the militaristic heir and his more artistic sister, as they struggle to make sense of a world of war and an enemy they know only by rumor and legend. The court of … Keep reading→

The Story of Tarquin the White

Young Hounds Cover (Sample)

Six hundred years and twenty since Iodenos Rodos founded again The Empire, the Dread Winter was visited upon the western provinces. In the countries of the Delquins and the Norians, one in every six died of hunger or of disease. In every village the people wailed to the gods for relief but the gods remained silent.… Keep reading→

The Battle of Manghurta

Young Hounds Cover (Sample)

This is a short background piece to an upcoming e-book of mine, The Young Hounds. It details a pivotal moment in the setting’s history: the Battle of Manghurta. In this battle, the last vitality of a great empire is finally lost.… Keep reading→

How to Rescue TNA


Financially TNA is in a bad position right now but it doesn’t need to be the end. Smart handling and an aggressive business plan can save the company. That’s what I have here. I make no claim of credentials other than being an enthusiast, which you can see via my World Champions Podcast, my Weird … Keep reading→

What’s So Great About Darkest Dungeon?


I really enjoy Darkest Dungeon. Darkest Dungeon is an extremely frustrating game to play because of how often even the best laid plans seem to go wrong. It should be the kind of game that totally turns me off because of how often I fail, at least given by my general track record with getting stuck in games. Yet I come back to it. Why?… Keep reading→