Another Arc Complete!

Astronaut Christmas

So there it is! “She Walks Into Darkness”: short and to the point, and hopefully enough action for you! If you haven’t checked out this gritty catacomb hunt it’s best to do so from the beginning. And if you don’t know about Mara Neptune yet, catch up on the scrappy heroine’s first adventure “In and Out of The Between”.

There is more Mara Neptune to come. However, my experience with this last arc taught me that I’m much better working when I have a longer chunk to focus rather than getting out a new episode every week (and playing lots of catch up). To give myself some time to write I’m going to polish up and post another old & unsold story of mine, starring one of my first science fiction heroes, the outsized Finnegan Tubeg. That should be somewhere around two months worth of posts, maybe a bit more. By that time I hope to have the bulk of the next story (or stories!?) done and ready to go.

For all you wrestling heads, my interests there are still on the pick-up. I had wanted to try and relaunch LTM as a results site (you can head over there to see the abortive results) but I realized that it was just going to take too much time. A major reason I realized this is because I’ve long had a wrestling history idea percolating and I really want to move forward with it, so this “vacation” from weekly writing should help get that off the ground, too. Keep your eyes peeled! And if you want to read my “hot takes” (I want to take a shower) on wrestling, follow me on Medium! I’ve already got a few pieces going with another couple kicking around in my brain.

Speaking of Medium, I have also been a giant dork on there (more than usual? unpossible! but seriously) and have been writing up a game diary of my current run in Crusader Kings 2. I’ve written it from the perspective of a historian recounting a real history, not a person playing a video game, and hopefully it’s engaging if you’re into this sort of thing.

Keep your eyes peeled and bookmark for more news and updates! If you haven’t already, I would massively and beautifully and fantastically appreciate it if you would buy my self-published book A Promising and Attractive Young Black Woman from the archcapitalist site Amazon. Do you need editing and/or writing done? Hire me! Follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook! Like me on Twitter and follow me on Facebook! Spread the word! Forever! Forever! Forever!


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