• What’s So Great About Darkest Dungeon?

    I really enjoy Darkest Dungeon. It’s extremely frustrating game but I keep coming back. Why?

  • Art, Mentality, and Pro Wrestling

    Pro wrestling and video games are actually good companions in the conversation about art. Both of them are often viewed as junk to consume, crude even if they are found somehow addicting. You understand where the idea comes from when you think about early games like Space Invaders, Galaga, Pac-Man, Super Mario, games that seem ...

  • Mass Effect’s Many Distractions

    Storytelling in video games is one of the biggest challenges in front of a game developer. A gripping story gives shape and meaning to the obstacles of each stage. What makes video games unique is the participation of the reader, the viewer, the gamer. In a traditional storytelling mode like prose fiction or cinema, we ...