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Mara Neptune in “In And Out Of The Between”

A repost of my episodically-posed adventure “In and Out of The Between” starring the plucky space drifter with rad pink hair Mara Neptune!
The problem with running so close to the wire with every job was that Mara couldn’t afford to heed every warning broadcast. She knew that a hijack alert had been set on this region and yet she had her ship’s computers set to take her right through it. The hope was that a little one-soul ball-ship like Mara piloted would escape their notice.… Keep reading→

The Houses of Humanity (An Overview)

The universe of Ansel Gedden’s time is dominated by the Sublime Organization, commonly known to humans as The Org. This vast multi-galactic empire is controlled by an enigmatic race called the shen and governed by their three paragon races: the military woad, clerical domos, and the technical carpenters. The twelve worlds which make up human … Keep reading→