Mara’s First Story is Done!

Fireworks over Shuttle Atlantis

Thanks to everybody who stuck around for the entire first story-run of The Ballad of Mara Neptune! That one is called “In and Out of The Between.” If you missed it or just want to get it again from the beginning, check out the first episode and use the More in The Ballad of Mara Neptune links to move back and forth in the story.

So what’s next? I have a couple more Mara Neptune story-runs already in the works. The next one, which I’m calling “She Walks Into Darkness” at the moment, will be pretty short, maybe 6 or 7 episodes. The one after that will perhaps be as long as “The Between,” we’ll see how it goes when it happens. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a collection together (with an all new never-before-seen Mara Neptune joint) by this time next year latest but we’ll see about that.

Otherwise, I’m working on a podcast about professional wrestling history. Those who can’t get enough causes-and-effects and dates and such will love it. It’s a really spectacularly cutthroat history, definitely watch out for it. Also, I’ve put out a novella and some short stories in a collection that’s on Amazon right now, “A Promising and Attractive Young Black Woman”. The main story is a crime drama about race and small town attitudes, but the others are somewhat lighter fare. Check it out, both in Kindle and in paperback!

Aaaaand finally…

If you are reading Episode 15 of “The Between” again (that’s the one where she makes her big escape), feel free to blast this cool sweet totally awesome mix that I made and listened to while I wrote it.



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