Me on a Wrestling Podcast


Couple days back, I was invited onto the Street Fight radio show/podcast for their monthly-ish Fight Report. We basically recapped and reviewed WWE’s just-past Money in the Bank pay-per-view. All you wrestling heads should definitely check it out for a fun convo.

Money in the Bank Fight Report @ Street Fight

Also, tiny bit of housekeeping (actually, primary reason I’m posting this), if you check out older episodes of The Ballad of Mara Neptune or A Ribbon of Velvet Smoke, you should see a “More from…” bit at the bottom. This is there so that you can keep going through a story in order even though unrelated posts come in between. This should let me start posting more stuff (if I can get off my ass) without making it too much harder for you to just read a story start-to-finish if that’s what you want.


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