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This is the Nearzone, home base of writer J Onwuka. You'll find my thoughts on science fantasy, pro wrestling, and storytelling here, so have a look around! It'll feel a little weird at first, that's perfectly okay.

Mass Effect’s Many Distractions

Mass Effect 2 still

Storytelling in video games is one of the biggest challenges in front of a game developer. A gripping story gives shape and meaning to the obstacles of each stage. What makes video games unique is the participation of the reader, the viewer, the gamer. In a traditional storytelling mode like prose fiction or cinema, we … Keep reading→

Mara Neptune in “In And Out Of The Between”

Mystic Mountain

A repost of my episodically-posed adventure “In and Out of The Between” starring the plucky space drifter with rad pink hair Mara Neptune!
The problem with running so close to the wire with every job was that Mara couldn’t afford to heed every warning broadcast. She knew that a hijack alert had been set on this region and yet she had her ship’s computers set to take her right through it. The hope was that a little one-soul ball-ship like Mara piloted would escape their notice.… Keep reading→

Another Arc Complete!

Astronaut Christmas

So there it is! “She Walks Into Darkness”: short and to the point, and hopefully enough action for you! If you haven’t checked out this gritty catacomb hunt it’s best to do so from the beginning. And if you don’t know about Mara Neptune yet, catch up on the scrappy heroine’s first adventure “In and Out … Keep reading→

A Crooked Corner…

A Promising and Attractive Young Black Woman

So as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got a self-published book out on Amazon right now, A Promising and Attractive Young Black Woman. There are three stories in it; the first one (“Sexism”, about a confused single dad) is short enough that you can read it all in the preview and still get a good sense … Keep reading→

Mara’s First Story is Done!

Fireworks over Shuttle Atlantis

Thanks to everybody who stuck around for the entire first story-run of The Ballad of Mara Neptune! That one is called “In and Out of The Between.” If you missed it or just want to get it again from the beginning, check out the first episode and use the More in The Ballad of Mara … Keep reading→