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This is the Nearzone, home base of writer J Onwuka. You'll find my thoughts on science fantasy, pro wrestling, and storytelling here, so have a look around! It'll feel a little weird at first, that's perfectly okay.

Me on a Wrestling Podcast


Couple days back, I was invited onto the Street Fight radio show/podcast for their monthly-ish Fight Report. We basically recapped and reviewed WWE’s just-past Money in the Bank pay-per-view. All you wrestling heads should definitely check it out for a fun convo. Money in the Bank Fight Report @ Street Fight Also, tiny bit of … Keep reading→

Fatima and Jerod


A short sketch I wrote years ago, I believe in college. Fatima and Jerod were married in a small chapel called the Canticle of Light. Fatima’s family — her mother, two sisters, and brother — attended and dabbed at their eyes in the pews. Jerod had no family he cared to invite. The pastor was … Keep reading→

The Houses of Humanity (An Overview)

The universe of Ansel Gedden’s time is dominated by the Sublime Organization, commonly known to humans as The Org. This vast multi-galactic empire is controlled by an enigmatic race called the shen and governed by their three paragon races: the military woad, clerical domos, and the technical carpenters. The twelve worlds which make up human … Keep reading→

Fresh Air

gum shoe

Fresh air. Always good. A little thin on this planet but he’d get used to it. Most people probably never noticed. After months aboard robo freighters, he was just glad it didn’t have that sterile conditioned smell. Selassie Maerich stepped away from two crewmen guiding an anti-gravity lift through the door. Most of the work … Keep reading→

Empty Belly

Rushes swept past Dao’s knees in a manner that might have been pleasant had his heart not been demanding an exit from his chest. He looked over his shoulder and saw the lights bobbing after him. If only she’d said she was the daughter of the village headman. Perhaps it wouldn’t have stopped him — … Keep reading→