So You Want It to Look Good?

There are a lot of people out there with great ideas just waiting to put them on the page. You might be one of them. If you are having a bit of trouble figuring out just what to write and how to make it all read well, that’s okay. I respect that: developing the idea is never easy and it uses different skills than writing it out.

What you want is someone to strike the right phrasing for you, to make sure that it’s not only readable but engaging. That’s where I can help.

I have been writing all my life and I’ve studied my craft intimately. My skills are in translating tone from the concept to the finished product, drawing readers into the topic at hand, and being able to clearly communicate details. I am also very attentive to grammar, spelling, sentence construction, and other technical details*. I can affect a casual tone, a professional tone, an authoritative tone, or something else should you need it. All of these elements together make a great piece. That’s what I’ll deliver to you.

If you need something written and written well, don’t hesitate: reach out! I’d be happy to work something out with you. I am available for short-term or piecework writing copy/text for any field, my strengths being in creative work, criticism, and history. I am also available for general proofreading and editing services. Unfortunately, I am not available for work requiring extensive research on my own, nor am I available for writing essays intended for school. However, I am perfectly comfortable working with provided sources.

My basic rate is a flat US$100 for works of up to 5,000 words and 3 cents per word (US$0.03/word) for longer works. I do offer unlimited corrections and minor rewrites (less than roughly 1,000 words in total). Minor research, citations, special formatting, and other similar word processing services available at a negotiated price. I must receive 30% of the quoted price up front before work begins, with the remainder of the total price (including any adjustments) being paid after delivery. Final products will be typewritten and delivered in a Word (.doc or .docx), Adobe PDF, OpenDocument, Rich Text, or plain text file at your convenience (previews will be delivered via JPEG or PNG image). Unfortunately I do not offer print services.

In addition: do you like the design of the website? I also offer WordPress theme design beginning at US$100 for a basic theme without widgets, sidebars, or galleries.

Quick turnaround and prompt e-mail responses are guaranteed. Please send job queries to jonwuka AT (rendered as an e-mail address, obviously) with a subject line beginning “QUERY”. A quote will always be offered before beginning work.

Hope to work with you soon!

* Any minor slapdash on the stories posted here is because these are only first drafts run through spellcheck once; emphasis for this site is on posting over polish. What I deliver to you will be well-scrubbed and free of mistakes. At the same time, my command of language is such that I’ve always been confident of my first drafts being 90+% free of errors.

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