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The Democrats Hate You

I know that it is easier to talk about what the Biden administration is doing by acting as if they are making mistakes, but we all know better and I think it would be good if we stopped pretending. Biden and his mob want the American president to openly be a dictator. That’s what it is.

They aren’t stopping this from happening because they don’t care. They don’t care. They don’t care. Really grasp this. Get it and take it on board. They don’t care. They will not rescue you. They do not give a fuck about you. They do not care. They do not care. They do not care. They don’t care. The

People do not want to see American politics as pro wrestling but it is, and I don’t mean “they use kayfabe hurr durr” I mean it’s fucking rigged and the Democrats are taking a fall. Stop lying to yourself! You are seeing it happen! That is what is happening! That’s the only explanation!

The Democrats are a capture organization. Their purpose is not to push a progressive agenda, their purpose is to CAPTURE PROGRESSIVES AND NEUTRALIZE THEM. “Oh you need a voice for someone who isn’t nakedly fascist? Sure, come to our party, latch yourself to us, and we’ll just flop every time”

Why do I say that? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY DO AND WHAT THEY’VE ALWAYS DONE. Every step of the way the Democrats have taken what progressives wanted, watered it down, prevented it from ever really taking root, they *got by* until the elites could justify this massive power grab we’re seeing now.

Joseph Ronald Reagan Biden is not a progressive and has never been a progressive, he is a stopgap on progressive policies. He has the stomach to lie about wanting to help people while instituting some of the most regressive shit in this country’s history while he was a senator.

This is what Biden and the Democrats want you to believe “fighting” is. Not only because it lets them off the hook, but because it *demobilizes people*. Their whole purpose here is to discourage anyone from doing anything that might force a change. Because they want this. Accept it!

The Democrats are perfectly capable of whipping their party in whenever they want to. The fact that they never do it to get some real shit done shows you that they don’t want to. They don’t care. This is not an aberration, this is their plan. Things are happening as they want them to happen.

The story of plans to stop the Republicans failing is not that people didn’t have good enough plans, it’s that when the plans got up to the people who had to sign off on them, those people said “no”. Repeatedly. Every single fucking time. Why are we pretending like the Democrats don’t want this?

It isn’t laziness. Let’s get that out of our heads. If it was laziness, they could be roused and do something. No. Every time when it’s like “you should definitely get off your ass and do something now” they close the fucking blinds. They are *refusing to act*. Are they fucking sick?

People are afraid to say this shit because they think they can’t prove it but you can prove it. There’s so much fucking evidence. Every time it was the opportunity for the Democrats to do some real shit they said no. Why are we pretending like there’s a real struggle happening? There isn’t!

If you want to know why I do not give a fuck about Biden’s bullshit “wins” it’s because he managed to sign some labor shit that everyone ignored and has used zero political capital to help trans people or to codify Roe or anything that people have been yelling at him for, not to mention Gaza, Sudan-

And if his labor shit meant anything don’t you think that the unions would be singing his praises, don’t you think we’d fucking know, don’t you think we wouldn’t have to wait for some piddling ass “oh did you see this Atlantic article about a labor tweak he did”. That did its job: keeping you quiet

I am telling you the truth and you know that I am telling you the truth. Pretending it isn’t true is not going to help you and it’s not going to help us. Stop running from this.

You cannot “be reasonable” your way out of this. The Democrats have done this. They are one half of the architects of this moment. Not by chance. On purpose. They did it on purpose. Look at their track record. For it not to be on purpose they would have to be the Three Stooges drinking Brawndo.

And I understand that it is more comforting to think that, but that means that everybody else is also too stupid to breathe. That means that, with such a bumbling, idiotic fucking leadership, people like AOC and Jamaal Bowman still couldn’t figure them out. How likely is that?

I’ve been tired of the juvenile political conversation in this country for a long time now. Can we all fucking grow up? Stop pretending like the Democrats are not what they are.