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J Onwuka & 2 Clowns on Stilts at Ren Fest

      Obinna J Onwuka. Black male, Virginian by birth, Igbo by parentage. My writing interests run towards action-adventure, especially science fantasy or magic fantasy. I’m interested in storytelling of all kinds, including pro wrestling, concept albums, and epic poetry. I have a love, perhaps deeper than love, for the epics of India, of Homer, and of post-Roman Europe, while also always striving to stay connected with my roots in west Africa. I also have a lasting love for westerns and other lone hero fiction. My favorite storytellers are Cormac McCarthy, Isaac Asimov, and William Faulkner. In prose art, I look up to Virginia Woolf and McCarthy. I am willing to talk forever about Dune, but only the Frank Herbert written books.

published work:
“Sexism” at FTZine
“Anna Lee” at Expanded Horizons

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