Chapters (Fiction)

The Ballad of Mara Neptune

 “She Walks Into Darkness”

Mara Neptune drifts into the middle of a war between two large business concerns. Their target is the strange material elementium. Mara finds out that elementium is even more spectacular than the warring parties know, but keeping that truth safe might be more than she can handle. The second Mara Neptune tale! Complete!

     “In and Out of the Between”

    Mara Neptune’s out of fuel and lands on a mostly forgotten space station that’s under the grip of a pirate crew. She only wants to get off the station but to do that she’ll have to walk deep into its abandoned guts and confront a feared gunfighter. Mara Neptune’s debut adventure! Complete!

      A Ribbon of Velvet Smoke

      Ymir Khan, disgraced mercenary captain, gets caught up by a priest of Vulcan and forced to bodyguard a princess on her way to meet a mysterious desert teacher. Weedy sorceries drive him to the edge of his wits and his strength as he attempts to do his dread duty. Complete!

        Saga of Savater

        The leaders of a crusader state attempt to make their way through webs of intrigue. Unfinished!