• Fatima and Jerod

    A short sketch about two people trying to find happiness together in a future, the same way we do today.

  • Fresh Air

    Programmer detective Selassie Maerich disrupts a backwater colony in search of a fugitive.

  • Empty Belly

    There’s a young man and a man-eating beast. They’re both hungry and persecuted. They spend the night together.

  • The River

    A judge shoots a young man. He refuses to face justice. And for that matter, why should he face it?


  • The Creation Myths of Vahea

    Look into the birth of a fantasy multiverse with the four creation myths that explain reality’s beginning: the myth of Death’s Children, the Invention of Life, the War of the Five Hells, and the Seven Mortal Ages.

  • The Houses of Humanity

    A short description of the human civilization of a far future, where they are enslaved to the universe-spanning Sublime Organization.